5 Stylish, Space-Saving Urban Gardening Products

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The last few years have seen urban gardening emerge as a growing trend among city-dwellers who long for a patch of land to call their own.

But how do the residents of apartments, condos, and rental homes fulfill their gardening dreams without a yard they can transform?

Maybe you have only a patio, front porch, or balcony to work with. Perhaps you aren't permitted to garden in your rental home. Maybe you don't have any usable outdoor space at all.

With Arcadia Garden Products, you can kickstart your urban gardening journey no matter how much (or how little) space you have.


Go Vertical

Short on square footage? Our air and wall planters are a great way to show off your green thumb without sacrificing your much-needed floor space. Plus, varying the height of the plants on your porch or patio adds visual interest that ups your gardening game.

Use brackets to hang air planters and hanging baskets (or windchimes!) that wouldn't otherwise attach to a wall.

Begonias, pansies, succulents, ivy, and herbs thrive in smaller containers.


Cut Corners

Trying to stick a round planter against a wall is like putting a round peg in a square hole. Don't fight geometry...work with it.

Arcadia's corner planter fits neatly into any corner, saving your valuable square footage so you have plenty of room to tend to your urban jungle. And, at 17.5" high, you won't have to break your back when it's weeding time.

Consider mixing tall plants (like snake plants and aloe vera) and trailing plants (such as ivy, pothos, and spider plants) for maximum impact.



Rise to the Occasion

Looking for a little more drama? Our Contempo Tall Square Planter is sure to fit the bill.

This modern planter has a small footprint, but makes a big impact! Standing at 28" tall, it puts your favorite foliage at eye level and makes weeding and watering a breeze.

Fill the bottom of the pot with plenty of drainage material to save on potting soil. 



Think Inside the Box

Containers are the easiest way to make your urban gardening dreams a reality.

Bring the outdoors onto your porch or even inside the house with one of our durable and stylish PSW containers. (Use our slip saucers if you're worried about drainage damaging your furniture.)

The trick with container gardening is finding the right size container. And at Arcadia Garden Products, our PSW containers are all available in multiple sizes, so you can easily find the size and style that's right for you.



Do Double-Duty

When space is limited, items with multiple functions are a must.

Store garden tools and accessories in a large, sturdy planter (like one of our urns) and cover it with a piece of weather-resistant material, such as glass, sealed wood, or aluminum.

You now have a stylish side table!


Other Must-Haves

Designing and decorating your urban garden is the fun part, but don't forget to stock up on the other garden essentials.

  • Watering Can
  • Gloves
  • Shears (in multiple sizes)
  • Hand Trowel
  • Fertilizer
  • Weed and Pest Control
  • Plant Labels

It's also helpful to visit your library or local gardening club for tips and advice on keeping your greenery alive and healthy



Gardening isn't just for farmers with acres of arable land. With urban gardening, you can have a variety of herbs, vegetables, or gorgeous foliage on-hand all year long.

At Arcadia Garden Products, you'll never have to sacrifice your budget, style, or quality standards to have the garden of your dreams. Our extensive selection of innovative garden products will help turn your urban gardening dreams into a reality, no matter how little space you have to work with.

Browse our Collections and watch your ideas (and your home) blossom!

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