7 Urn Planter Ideas (For Outside the Garden!)

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Urn planters are a beautiful way to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your garden. But you don't have to stop there!

There are plenty of other areas around your home that look amazing with the addition of an urn planter. And the best part? You don't have to have a green thumb to use them!

Here are seven urn planter ideas that will make your home, stoop, or patio look great...no matter what color your thumb is!


1. Seasonal Displays

Brushed plastic urn with seasonal display

Dress up your porch, foyer, or dining room with an elegant seasonal display that starts with one of our Brushed Plastic Urns.

In the fall, fill it with some burlap, maize, and decorative pumpkins. In December, switch it up with pine cones, greenery, poinsettias, and berries. Have a black thumb? Faux florals from the craft store look just as nice as the real thing (no watering required).

Our plastic urns are available in three sizes to accommodate any space and their lightweight, two-piece design make storage a snap. The smallest size (10"x12") is perfect for a tabletop centerpiece, while the largest size (16"x18") is best for a front porch or entryway.


2. Guest Towel Storage

Worthington urn with guest towels

If you have guests visiting during the holidays (or any other time of year), it's a nice idea to leave the essentials in an easy-to-spot location.

Our Worthington Urn's 20-inch diameter leaves plenty of room for displaying rolled guest towels, a plush robe, or an assortment of any personal hygiene products they may have forgotten.

Hospitality has never looked so good!


3. Stylish Ice Bucket

Classical urn as ice bucket

Sick of unsightly coolers at your fancy dinner parties? Entertain in style all year long with our Classical Urn

Whether you're serving champagne or juice boxes, an urn will elevate the look of any party. Fill with ice and use it to hold and chill beverages at your next get-together.

And with our revolutionary PSW material, you can easily drill drainage holes for the prettiest outdoor ice bucket you (not to mention your guests) have ever seen.


4. Outdoor Toy Box

Your kids might enjoy those toy trucks, but they don't exactly blend in to your existing decor.

Contain the mess—and the clashing color scheme—with an urn planter! Our urns look great indoors and out, and the PSW material is durable and weather-resistant (so it'll still be display-worthy once the kids have left for college).

And if you want to keep things a little more out of sight, top it with a round piece of wood and it can pull double-duty as a side table.


5. Umbrella Stand

Save this next idea for a rainy day!

Keep a selection of umbrellas handy with one of our PSW urn planters and you'll never forget your umbrella again.

Other umbrella stands have open sides, but urn planters make the best umbrella stands, because they contain the dripping. You'll have a convenient spot for guests to store wet umbrellas so they don't drip all over your nice hardwood floors. 


6. One-Stop Cozy Shop

Pennington Urn with blanket and slippers

Who doesn't love snuggling up by the fire with a book on a quiet evening? With our Pennington Urn, it's never been easier!

Fill it up with soft blankets and fuzzy slippers so a cozy evening is always at arm's reach. Throw in a book of sudoku puzzles, some knitting materials, or the latest novel and you may never get off the couch again.


7. Christmas Tree Stand

Urn planter with christmas tree seedling

Love the look of a live Christmas tree but hate the dropped needles? A living Christmas tree seedling is a beautiful, eco-friendly solution that's truly the best of both worlds.

Our Classical Urn (pictured above) has a 15-inch diameter, which is perfect for holding a smaller tree. Display it indoors for an understated holiday look or dress up your front yard for an arrangement that pleases all year long.



Urn planter ideas don't have to be restricted to whatever you can buy from a nursery. When you "think outside the garden," there's no limit to the ideas you can come up with!

Our urns aren't just beautiful planters, they're simply beautiful—all on their own. Use them anywhere you want a little extra sophistication and enjoy all the compliments!

At Arcadia Garden Products, our goal is to provide gardeners of every level--from hobbyist to professional--with innovative, beautiful, high-quality products that will elevate the look of your home or garden and help create your dream space. 

Take a look at our catalog and get a jumpstart on your spring planting!

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