Garden Wall Art Ideas For Every Style

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It’s time to go vertical!

Here are a few garden wall art ideas to match any décor style.

Whether you’re just beginning to decorate and plant your garden or if your green thumb is well established, there are boundless options for spicing up your gardens. But if your garden is enclosed or up against your house, you might have run up against a wall...literally. 

That wall, fence, or even the side of your house needs a little something to make it really pop.

This is where garden wall art can bring a sense of style so the outside of your home looks just as good as the inside. 

Any time you’re decorating a new space, you want to start out with a theme or decorating style to help refine your choices while shopping. We’ve come up with some beautiful ideas for five of the most popular garden styles.

Read on for some garden wall art ideas to help accentuate your space.


Zen Garden

Whether you live zen or just like the idea of having a space to find your center, adding some zen garden wall art can contribute to a tranquil mood. One of the best ways to do this is by adding objects that make calming sounds.

Zen gongs can be large and expensive. But wind chimes are a great alternative (that won’t annoy your neighbors!) Our wall brackets can accommodate up to 25 lbs. so you can hang any size wind chime with ease.

Another feature to include: a trickling water fountain to attract birds, generate negative ions, or help you calm down after a long day. Wall mounted versions (such as this one) mean you won’t have to sacrifice “floor space” or fuss with installing an in-ground water feature.

You might not be able to turn your yard into a true Japanese rock garden, but with some softly tinkling wind chimes and a gently trickling fountain, you’ll have the next best thing.


Shabby Chic Garden

“Perfectly imperfect” describes a shabby chic garden to a T.

Weathered or whitewashed urns; romantic, trailing foliage; and repurposed items can bring your shabby chic garden to life. But what do you do about that blank wall?

A vintage window or door hung on a wall is a foolproof option, but if you can’t find any, we have a few options. Our pastel round wall planters fit in perfectly with a shabby chic vibe. Add some miniature trailing plants--such as ivy, dwarf fern varieties, wintercreeper, or miniature moneywort--for a super romantic vibe.

Looking for more of a showstopper? With the right materials, you can build a living plant wall in a single afternoon. Rather than planting in the ground, you’re creating a wall full of lush, green foliage. Add some of our PSW pots planted with colorful flowers along the bottom to create some depth and dimension.

The best part about shabby chic decor? You don’t have to worry about things being “perfect”!


Modern Garden

When it comes to modern garden wall art, the key words are: clean and minimal.

Our cube and diamond wall planters come in a variety of colors to coordinate with any color scheme. Hang a grouping of them on a large blank wall for a striking effect.

While not actually wall art, some of our PSW pots fit perfectly into a contemporary garden style. Our Etched Planter, Simplicity Window Box, and Contempo Square/Round Planters would look amazing with some angular plants, such as snake plants, mondo grass, or aloe.

With a modern style garden, less is more. After all, a "decluttered" garden just makes what plants you do have stand out even more.


Eccentric Garden

Do you prefer a more colorful, artistic look that borrows from multiple decorative styles? An eccentric garden is super easy to put together! Just select pieces that strike your fancy and include plenty of colorful blooms.

One style that will spruce up any garden wall is our Emerald Series Manger and Trough. The deep green glass marbles will catch the light and add plenty of sparkle to your yard. Plus, they coordinate perfectly with our Emerald Series Lattice Trellis. Place one or more of these close to a wall as a support for jasmine, coral honeysuckle, or wisteria vines.

Looking to put a more personal touch on things? A mosaic wall is an affordable and easy DIY project. Make it as large (or small) as you like and include whichever styles, colors, or shapes that suit your fancy. Broken ceramic planters, tiles, old dishes and cups, or even our ceramic wall planters can all come together to make a jaw-dropping centerpiece for your garden.

To add some extra flair, hang one of our air planters from a wall bracket and fill with some unique looking plants for your own take on a “living wall.”


Traditional Garden

If none of the above themes float your boat, the Traditional style is for you.

Our Coconut Planters add a bit of natural texture with the coconut liners, but the clean iron lines won’t distract from your plants. Fill with a selection of annuals each season and watch your garden come to life!

Add a small touch of whimsy with a set (or two) of our ceramic birds. They attach right to the wall, so they look as if they’re really flying away. Snuggle a frog, rabbit, or owl ceramic to your wall planters for a cute surprise.

Round out the look with some of our PSW pots at varying heights and you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood!



Your garden is about more than just growing prize petunias or harvesting your own produce. It’s an extension of your home. That means it needs to be just as beautiful as your interior living spaces.

No matter what your style is, Arcadia Garden Products has plenty of garden wall art options to make your yard pop. Even if you don’t use our planters as the main focal point, our products can certainly contribute beauty and functionality to any garden.

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