Gardening Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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Have you finished making your list and checking it twice?

Here are some great gardening gifts from the Arcadia Garden Products catalog that will be a hit for anyone on your list.


1. Diamond Wall Planter

This sleek Diamond Wall Planter works both inside and out.

Our Diamond Wall Planters are the perfect on-trend choice for a modern Millennial! 

The chic geometric design will pop both indoors and out, while the subdued colors mean that anything they hold will stand out.

Available in multiple colors/finishes. Small ($9.98) Large ($13.98).


2. Cone Air Planter

These Cone Air Hangers add a whimsical touch to any garden.


Our Cone Air Planters are great for displaying succulents and other small plants while blending into your existing garden decor

Hang one in a window or stagger multiples in a corner for a fresh look. Not that into succulents? Hang one at your desk to hold paper clips or small candies.

Available in multiple colors ($14.38).


3. Fairy Garden Kit

Looking to inspire a future gardener? Our Fairy Garden Kits are the perfect gift idea!

Fairy gardens are a great way to introduce children to gardening! Not only do they entice the imagination, they're mostly figurines, so they're easy to look after.

Kids will love arranging and re-arranging their own tiny gardens while Mom and Dad are busy with the heavier work. Pair with our Garden Bowl for a complete kit.

Multiple styles ($12.50).


4. Bridle Terrarium

Bring your garden indoors and add a touch of holiday magic with our Bridle Terrarium.

Fans of the modern farmhouse style will love our Bridle Terrarium ($27.98)! The glass walls retain heat and moisture, which makes growing air plants, succulents, and other small plants a breeze.

Or, fill our terrarium with a strand of battery-operated LED lights and some Christmas ornaments for a beautiful, rustic holiday display.


5. Corner Planter

Short on space? Our Corner Planter is the perfect gift idea!

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a 150-sq. ft. patio. For those who are working with small spaces, our Corner Planter is the perfect way to spruce up your place without taking up too much space.

This planter is made of award-winning PSW, which is durable, drillable, and endlessly stylish. Pair with some stunning holiday foliage (such as a poinsettia or Christmas cactus) for the ultimate hostess gift!

Available in multiple colors ($67.99).


6. Ceramic Birds Wall Art

Ceramic Bird Wall Art makes any garden come to life!

 When it comes to décor, pictures and plants get all the glory. But these three-dimensional birds are sure to bring some extra flair to any space!

Made of weather-resistant ceramic, this avian art will be right at home on a patio or hang them inside for a cute and quirky statement!

Set of three, colors as shown ($29.94).


7. Birdbath

Bring some life into a loved one's garden...literally! Our birdbaths make the perfect holiday gift!

Ask any birdwatcher and they'll tell you how much life and visual interest birds add to your garden. A birdbath is an easy way to attract our fine feathered friends so you can enjoy them year-round.

Simply fill the basin with water (or birdseed!) and watch your garden come to life! After the season, it disassembles for easy storage.

Available in multiple styles ($45.98 - $91.98).


8. Window Box

Our Window Box Planters are the perfect start for a garden-in-a-box.

Our Window Box Planters are the perfect size to display a collection of blooms on a window sill or on a table. They're made from PSW, so you never have to worry about them cracking or fading.

The affordable price makes this a perfect gift for emerging gardeners. Fill the basin with pruning shears, gardening gloves, seed packets, and fertilizer for a complete (and cute) gardening kit.

Available in Chocolate and Taupe ($11.99).


9. Christmas Tree Seedling

unpotted Christmas tree seedling

What gardener wouldn't want to grow a Christmas tree that they can decorate year after year?

Most home improvement stores or gardening centers sell spruce, pine, or fir seedlings during the holidays. Pick one up and plant it in one of our urns for a gardening gift that's ready to be displayed outdoors or in.

Urns available in plastic ($9.98) or PSW ($59.98 - $110.99) in multiple styles/colors.


10. Kitchen Herb Garden

 Got a chef on your list? Plant an herb garden in one of our Sleek Bulb Pans for a gift they'll love!

Home chefs know the distinct flavors that come from adding fresh herbs to their signature dish. Give them the gift of flavorful cooking with a kitchen herb garden!

Plant herbs in our Sleek Bulb Pan ($11.98) for a functional and unique gardening gift that'll serve double-duty.


Gardening Gifts They'll Love

Whether it's you or the recipient that has a green thumb, these gardening gifts are sure to please this holiday season!

At Arcadia Garden Products, we believe in providing beautiful, quality gardening products so that all levels of gardeners can create the outdoor space of their dreams.

Take a look at the rest of our products to bring your landscape to life!

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