What Is An Air Planter? (& How Do I Use It?)

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If you’ve done any research on garden design, you know that having plants at different heights is the key to having a truly transformative garden that you and your guests will enjoy. At Arcadia Garden Products, some of our bestselling planters are the ones that bring your plants to eye-level.

And none are more whimsical than our selection of air planters.

Whether your style is “English Garden” or a little more modern, we have an air planter for you. But even if you love the look of our Pastel Diamond Air Planter, you might not know exactly what to plant in it (or how to care for a plant you can’t easily reach). 

We’ve got you! Read on to find out what an air planter is, what to plant in it, and how it can transform your gardening experience.

What Is an Air Planter?

Simply put, Arcadia’s air planters are containers that don’t sit on a level surface or hang on the wall. Rather, they hang from a bracket or the ceiling to add an extra dimension to your plant menagerie.

The products in our Air Planter Collection are much smaller than a typical hanging basket, so they can easily fit into any small space. Available in three shapes—Diamond, Cone, and Basket—and nine colors, these air planters are the perfect way to display tiny plants that might get lost in the “thriller, spiller, and filler” configuration you’re used to.

All of our air planters come with a durable wire or leather straps so hanging is a snap!


What Can I Plant In An Air Planter?

Because they will be hanging, our air planters do not have drainage holes (otherwise, you might get some unpleasant drips on your head!). Because of this, there are some limitations to what you should plant in your air planter.

Don’t worry, though, there are plenty of amazing, on-trend options available!

The plants we most recommend are not only beautiful, but incredibly easy to care for: tillandsia (also known as air plants) and succulents/cacti.

Because of their minimal care needs, these plants are the perfect addition to show your air planter off to its best advantage.


Caring for your tillandsia is a lot different from caring for your other plants.

Air Plant Care 101

Air plants work great in our Air Planters because they don’t require soil. (In fact, if you put it in soil you’ll kill it, so don’t do that!) Instead, their tiny roots attach to nearby objects and they absorb nutrients from the air and rainfall instead of from the soil.

In the wild, you can find air plants attaching themselves to tree bark. Interestingly, they are not parasites.

Despite their names, air plants cannot survive on air alone. Like any living organism, they need sunlight and water. However, caring for your tillandsia will be a bit different from watering your monstera or fiddle leaf figs.

Very little care is needed for these plants but the care they do need is essential to their health. Air plants do best with plenty of indirect sunlight, moisture, and good air circulation.

The easiest method is to soak them in water (a tub, sink, or a bowl is just fine) for about 20-30 minutes. Shake off excess moisture and allow them to dry. 

If you live in a more humid environment, your outdoor air plants may be just fine with a weekly watering. Those in drier climates may require 2-3 waterings a week to stay healthy. 

Watch your plants for signs that they need a drink (like wilting leaves or slight brown areas) and take care not to over water or they’ll become soggy and rot. If they look a little dehydrated in-between waterings, you can spray them with water to tide them over. Don’t spray the air plants directly, however. Spray a fine mist over the plant and let the droplets settle into the leaves. 

As for sunlight, indirect rays are best. If you’re keeping your air plants outdoors, a shaded area near a tree or under a patio is optimal. Indoors works as well, but they will need to be placed near a window for good access to indirect light.


Succulent Care 101

Many people gravitate toward succulents because of their unique leaf structure...but also because they are famously easy to care for. Unfortunately, many plant owners assume this means their succulents will thrive on neglect.

Succulents and cacti are primarily desert plants, which means they require lots of light and little water. Sticking your string of pearls plant in a dark corner and watering it once a week? That’s a good way to kill your plant.

While tillandsia prefer indirect sun, succulents thrive with direct light. In fact, it’s best to rotate your air planter every few weeks to make sure all sides of the plant get a good sunbathing session. Otherwise, your plant can lean to one side or get too “leggy.”

When it comes to water, less is more. Only water when the top inch or so of soil is completely dry. If your plant does need water, try to keep moisture away from the leaves and blooms, as it can lead to mold growth. Plant succulents with a layer of rocks at the bottom of the air planter to provide good drainage.


Transform Your Space With Arcadia Air Planters

Like all of our gardening products, Arcadia’s Air Planter collection is an easy way to add your own sense of style to any living space, inside or out.

As any gardener knows, displaying different sizes of plants at varying heights is the best way to showcase your foliage friends. Air planters can help you do just that.

We have an array of stylish Air Planters that look beautiful in any room or outdoor space. They also include necessary hardware (leather strap or wire hanger) so the work is done for you! 

Don’t have a green thumb? No problem! Use it to hold faux greenery for a truly “care-free” plant display.


Take Your Garden to New Heights

Air planters are a great way for novice gardeners to develop their green thumbs and experienced gardeners to elevate the look of their outdoor living spaces. Their smaller size makes air planters great for small spaces that need a touch of greenery (whether indoors or out).

Whether you’re considering air planters for their cosmetic appeal or because you want to bring your garden to new heights, we have an air planter for you. Try them out in different locations to find the look you want. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions about our planters and other products to help you build your garden.

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