PSW Pot Collection..

Arcadia Garden Products’ award winning PSW Pot Collection has become our leading brand, with pots made of a unique blend of 100% recycled materials.

The mix of recycled plastic, stone powder, and wood dust creates an attractive, eco-friendly container that is also weather resistant and durable.

Cleaning, moving, and planting with PSW Pots is convenient and easy. PSW Pots can easily be drilled for drainage, have a solid color throughout, and come in several unique styles, shapes and sizes.

Made of a unique blend of recycled materials
Mix of plastic, stone powder, and wood dust
Extremely durable and weather resistant

Attractive pots that are half the weight of most others
Combine manageable weight with strong, sturdy construction
Makes moving, planting, and cleaning planters more convenient

Quality Construction
Economical, durable, and weather resistant
Decorative styling that rivals more expensive ceramic or polished stone pots