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Gardeners rely on pots and planters of various sizes and shapes to bring their gardens to porches, yards, patios and inside the home. One great option is the bulb pan for orchids & tropical plants.

There is more to think about when so choosing a pot than most people would normally think about. Not only does the weight of the planter matter, but the quality of the planter has an important factor. Poor quality planters can kill plants, even if they are not an overly sensitive kind. The chemicals used during the creation of the pot can stay on the surface and leak into the dirt over time, which of course, makes its way into the plant.

More important than ever is that the pot or planter be simple to use, lightweight and in a modern style. This is important when thinking about tropical plants because as the seasons change, it becomes important to move the pots.

The Bulb Pan For Orchids And Tropical Plants

The Bulb Pan listed on Arcadia Garden Products is a simplistic, yet stylish bulb pan. This bulb pan belongs to the award-winning collection on Arcadia Garden Products called PSW Pot Collection. This bulb pan is only one of the planters in this series, and just like the others, it does not disappoint.

High-Quality Recycled Materials

No-one will have to worry about harmful chemicals damaging their tropical plants or orchids when using this bulb pan. The bulb pan is free of harmful chemicals and is also eco-friendly. The lightweight and extremely tough materials in the bulb pan make moving it easy, even when it is filled with dirt and plants. It won't be stressful to move this pot during weather changes.

The pot is made from:

  • Recycled Plastic
  • Stone Powder
  • Wood Dust Weather Resistant

The tough materials put into the bulb pan make it an excellent choice for outdoor use. It will withstand weather in a multitude of environments so no matter where gardeners live, it will last a long time.

  • Extreme Heat
  • Extreme Cold
  • Thunderstorms
  • Hail
  • Downpours
  • High Wind
  • Blizzards
  • And More!

Arcadia understands that gardeners don't live where the weather is pleasant 365 days a year. Their bulb pan can, and will, withstand any weather that nature throws at it and will cope with rapidly changing conditions for those who live in unpredictable areas.

Stylish and Functional

Not only is the bulb pan tough, eco-friendly and weather-resistant, but it is beautiful and functional.

It comes in four colors:

  • Terra Cotta
  • Dark Charcoal
  • Chocolate
  • Taupe

The four colors give the bulb pan enough variance to suit many styles of gardens. Due to the material that goes into the creation of the bulb pan, each one comes with a unique surface look.

The bulb pan was made to be an optimal depth for tropical plants and orchids who need room to grow their roots without running into the bottom of the pot. Yet, the bulb pan is also shallow enough that moving it is not a chore. To keep orchids and tropical plants from being over-watered, a simple to drill out drainage hole at the bottom will provide drainage without it being so large that dirt easily falls out the bottom.

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