Contempo Tall Square Planter

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A soaring, original planter, the Contempo Tall Square Planter is just the outdoor decor piece you need to house larger plants and small trees. Tall pots can accent any garden, providing outdoor planters for a wide variety of foliage. This PSW pot is made entirely of recycled plastic, stone, and wood, which means the tall square planter is eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, and incredibly durable. 

Designed with weather in mind, the Contempo Tall Square Planter is water-resistant, UV-resistant, and easily drilled for drainage holes. There won’t be any cracks or breaks due to the revolutionary PSW material. PSW is made from recycled plastic, stone particles, and wood dust, which means that every single planter is unique, with color and texture that will last for years and years. 

At 28 inches tall, the Contempo Tall Square Planter is a planter pot like no other, offering the height to display unique vegetation, while the slim profile to fit in any spot, indoor or out. When considering what to put in tall square flower pots, think about having a focal point plant, something that spills over the sides, and filler plants alongside. This will provide the eye-appeal to your garden, indoor or out. Many “green thumbs” refer to this as the thriller (focal point plant), spiller (the plant that 

In many ways, tall planters, paired with the correct plants, can become an art installation in your garden. Plants like Agave, Boxwood, Canna Lily, or Hibiscus can be a real game-changer in terms of your outdoor decor. Tall square planters don’t have to be boring, especially when paired with colorful growth, texture, and additional planters. 

Even if you don’t have outdoor garden options, the Contempo Tall Square Planter is perfect for modern, indoor gardening. Creating a style that is different, engaging, and fun means having an attractive centerpiece, which the tall square planter can achieve. In the gardening game, you need to know about the “thriller, the spiller, and the filler.” As we touched on above, you’ll want something enticing as your thriller, some complementary pieces coming over the edges of the planter, as well as some filler, adjacent to the main focal point.

The Contempo Tall Square Planter is perfect for your “thriller” and “spiller” plants, offering the flexibility to pair with any color flower and vegetation. The PSW material is neutral in color and unique, made of plastic, stone, and wood particles that together, make a beautiful and individual pattern. Check out our complementary planters to help with your “filler” right here (link to planters).

Our Contempo Tall Square Planter comes in 5 incredible color options:  Chocolate, Cement, Dark Charcoal, Terra Cotta, and Taupe. The award-winning PSW Pot Collection is made of recycled plastic, stone, and wood particles, so each planter is different from the next. While the colors can match any decor, the singularity of each planter will set your garden apart from any other. 

Plants with deeper roots will benefit from a 28” tall planter, allowing natural growth in your garden, continuously beautifying your indoor or outdoor garden area. Small trees, fan palms, Monstera, and many other types of herbage will bring the “wow factor” to your outdoor decor.

A part of our award-winning PSW Pot Collection, the Contempo Tall Square Planters are a mix of recycled plastic, stone powder, and wood dust, creating an attractive, eco-friendly container that is also weather-resistant and durable. Cleaning, moving, and planting with PSW Pots is convenient and easy.

  • RECYCLED MATERIALS: Eco-friendly blend of recycled plastic, stone powder and wood dust
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: Strong and sturdy construction while notably lightweight
  • ORIGINAL: The unique appearance of each pot is one-of-a-kind due to the blending of recycled materials
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Resistant to all weather types and UV rays
  • VARIETY: Available in a variety of colors

OPTIONAL DRAINAGE HOLE: Easily drillable for optional drainage

Size: 13"x13"x28"  |  Material: Plastic/Stone/Wood Composite  |  Weather Resistant

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