Emerald Series Hanging Coconut Basket

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This round hanging basket is great for gardeners of all skill levels. A stylish and classic addition to any garden or patio, the weather-resistant hanging basket is made from durable black metal and includes a metal three-point chain and hook. The basket frame features decorative glass, flat marbles and those touches of emerald create a new look for a classic design. The hanging planter includes a secured coconut liner made from 100% natural coconut fibers. The liner helps retain moisture for promoting root growth while also providing sufficient drainage and air circulation. Our Emerald Series offers several basket sizes to suit your needs. Replacement liners are available.

  • NATURAL & EFFICIENT: Made from 100% natural coconut fiber, coconut liners retain moisture while providing drainage and aeration
  • ATTRACTIVE: Coconut liner adds extra appeal to black hanging baskets
  • QUALITY: Basket made of durable metal construction
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: Resistant to all weather types and UV rays
  • VARIETY: Available in a variety of sizes

Sizes: 14", 16", 20"  |  Material: Metal, Coconut Husk  |  Plants Not Included

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