Garden Bowl

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Arcadia has developed an extremely durable and highly capable garden bowl planter crafted to meet the demands of even the most dedicated and avid gardeners. It’s made with eco-friendly materials such as wood dust, stone powder, and recycled plastic for a lightweight and weather-resistant composite that maintains its composure in any environment.

Use a simple drill to create a convenient drainage hole if necessary, extending the capabilities and potential uses for your premium garden bowl. The multi-purpose garden bowl from Arcadia even blocks UV rays, so you'll be able to get more done with less effort, using a custom-made bowl built to stand up to every element.

From cleaning to planting and removal, you'll be able to accomplish your gardening tasks quicker and with less effort, using Arcadia's versatile garden bowl that comes available in numerous colors and styles. Not only functional, this bowl planter is also aesthetically pleasing with a gorgeous elegance that looks stylish in any garden.

Find the right bowl for any purpose, with multiple sizes to help you get everything done in gardens of every scale and variety. The PSW design is the perfect choice for enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, letting you make more of your time spent gardening by equipping you with an effective and all-purpose design you can count on.

Several key features and design considerations help to make the bowl planter from Arcadia the optimal choice for gardeners everywhere, including:

  • Plastic/Stone/Wood composite for a sturdy and weather-resistant build that's perfectly suited to gardening
  • Available in 8"/10"/12" sized to accommodate any set of needs or tasks
  • Very lightweight and portable, making it a breeze to transport anywhere you need it
  • One-of-a-kind appearance, with no two bowls looking exactly the same thanks to its unique composite

At such an affordable price, the premium composite garden bowl from Arcadia is the perfect product to stock up on for those with a deep passion for gardening or anyone looking to expand their garden area even further. Select from various colors or sizes for the perfect fit, letting you meet the needs of home gardens, professional gardens, and everything in-between.

Go anywhere with your gardening bowl to get work done faster and easier, letting you focus on tending to your plants and helping them become their very best. Whether your job involves cleaning, planting, or moving your plants or materials, you'll be prepared and ready with a durable and lightweight bowl planter that's ready for anything.

Let Arcadia help you be a better and more efficient gardener, with an uncompromising level of quality that works well in any climate, environment, or setting. Waste less time setting up or moving your equipment, while always being prepared to plant new seeds or lay the groundwork for another project.

You'll have peace of mind and assurance knowing that your award-winning PSW pots are made from completely eco-friendly materials, including recycled products and compounds that are non-harmful to the environment. Be happy at home among nature's finest creations using Arcadia's class-leading garden bowls that are sure to make your gardening endeavors easier and more enjoyable.


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