Glass Slope Terrarium

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The Glass Slope Terrarium makes a stylish statement and is the perfect environment for air plants, succulents or any small-leafed plant. Ideal for indoors, this terrarium makes a great tabletop accent or center piece. Terrariums make an ideal growing environment due to the transparent glass walls that allow for both heat and light to enter. Water from the soil and plants evaporates and then condenses on the walls of the container, preventing plants from becoming over dry. Ample ventilation keeps the air within the terrarium from accumulating excess moisture.

  • IDEAL GROWING ENVIRONMENT: Easy to grow and maintain plants with minimal maintenance
  • QUALITY: High-quality glass walls allow warmth and light to enter
  • EXCELLENT GIFT: Fun and functional for both beginning and experienced gardeners
  • EDUCATIONAL: Serve as a unique project for teaching kids about photosynthesis

Size: 7x7”  |  Material: Glass  |  Plants Not Included

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