Lotus Blossom Rain Chain

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Enjoying the rain and sounds of falling water is made pleasant with this Rain Chain with Lotus Blossom from Arcadia Garden Products. Whether using the whimsical chain as a downspout replacement or as a vertical water feature, this rain chain is functional and lovely to view in action. Rain chains are used to direct roof run-off water from the gutters enabling the flow to be diverted from the building’s foundation. For centuries, rain chains have been used this way in Japan while also serving as a decorative but working accessory for rainwater collection. Gardeners will often install rain chains and position watertight urns or rain barrels below. Designed for easy hanging, this rain chain can be used without gutters by placing it at main run-off points to divert the down-falling water. Some people leave the rain chains up during harsh winters to enjoy what becomes an ice sculpture chain. The chain measures 6 feet and includes 9 lotus blossom adornments. Featuring a shiny bronze finish, this metal rain chain is perfect for outdoor yoga studios or Zen gardens and also makes a delightful gift for a gardener or new homeowner.

  • CHARMING: Artfully designed with a hint of garden whimsy
  • DURABLE: Sturdy metal chain and themed adornments made for outdoor use
  • WEATHERS WELL: Powder-coated paint and glazed topcoat make metal rust resistant
  • WATER RECLAMATION: An instrument in rainwater collection for water-efficient gardening  
  • OPTIONAL THEMES: Select from three adornment themes: classic watering cans, lotus blossoms, and butterfly garden pails
  • SIZES: This rain chain measures 6’ long

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