Sated Self-Watering Planter

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Arcadia Garden Products’ Sated Self-Watering Planters are convenient, functional, and made of beautiful, high-quality ceramic. The planters include two separate pieces: an outer pot that serves as a water reservoir, and a porous inner pot that allows plants to absorb water as needed.

  • SELF-WATERING: Help maintain a consistent moisture level to prevent plants from becoming over- or under-watered
  • ATTRACTIVE: Beautiful, glazed ceramic complements any decor
  • PROMOTES PLANT GROWTH: Great for African Violets and any plants requiring consistent moisture
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: 2-piece set up is simple and maintenance is effortless
  • HANDMADE GLAZE FINISH: As a result of century’s old handmade craftsmanship, colors and textures may vary; each planter is unique with a vintage-like charm

To set up your self-watering planter, follow these steps: (1) Separate inner and outer pots. (2) Add water to the outer pot, filling up about halfway. (3) Place plant into inner pot. (4) Insert inner pot back into outer pot. (5) Water will penetrate porous layer of inner pot. (6) Relax and enjoy!

Size: 5"  |  Material: Ceramic  |  Weather Resistant  |  Plants Not Included

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