Simplicity Square 12x6"

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One of the best ways to improve the aesthetics of your home and make it more eco-friendly is by introducing some plants. Inside or outside, either option requires you to use planting pots. The type of pot you choose for your flowers also plays a role in the results you’ll get. It would help if you had a pot that will look as attractive as your plant and still have the right qualities for the plant to thrive in. One of the best choices you should consider is the Simplicity square flower pot and square planter from Arcadia garden products.

This product doesn’t just look good; it has also been designed to be highly functional. It is made with a mixture of different products, which include recycled plastics and wood dust. The level of craftsmanship that has been displayed on this product is impressive. It has a beautiful smooth finishing that makes it a great display even before your flowers start to bloom. Some of the features of this square flower pot include:


The pot has been made with many recycled materials that make it perfect for the environment. Most products made of wood or plastic poses a significant threat to the surrounding because of their sources. Using wood means cutting down trees while using plastic means more plastic wastes that endanger different animal species, including humans. A product that does neither is, therefore, the best one you can have in your home. The production of this product reduces the amount of waste that gets released back into the environment by giving you something useful to beautify your home.


Grounded stone is also used in making this product, and that, together with the others, makes it one of the strongest flower pots you can find in the current market. The high-quality construction also makes this product very durable. Like other Arcadia garden products, the Simplicity Square planter has been carefully designed and crafted to ensure that it lasts a very long time in great shape. It also has other properties that give it the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions like ultraviolet rays and rain. This means that you can use it inside as well as outside without worrying about damage resulting from human error or weather elements.


This planter can be sued for a wide range of plants and flowers in different ways. For instance, you can drill holes at the bottom if you’re looking for better drainage, and it will still look amazing. Its unique blend of materials also makes it easy to maintain. You can wipe it with a clean cloth. Its lightweight nature is also a beneficial factor that makes it easily portable. You can move it to different parts of your home without worrying about how heavy it is or how easy it is to break.


The pot comes in different colors that make it easier for you to choose one that blends well with your other decorations, whether outdoors or indoors. Its size is also perfect for either option, and its square shape gives it a unique aspect that will work for your home.

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