Square Orchid Planter

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Orchids are a common challenge for both beginner and professional growers. Our ceramic orchid planters are here to help relieve some of that challenge! Orchid roots require air flow, but often only the top roots are exposed and able to get the air they need. These attractive planters include decorative holes as part of the overall design, allowing for optimal drainage and air flow to your orchid’s root system. Any excess water is collected by the attached saucer, supporting successful growth by preventing the roots from becoming oversaturated.

AIR FLOW: Decorative holes allow bottom roots to receive essential air flow 
DRAINAGE: Reduces over-saturation by collecting excess water in the attached saucer
ATTRACTIVE: Beautiful, glazed ceramic complements any decor
INDOOR/OUTDOOR: Designed using a high-quality ceramic, perfect for indoor or outdoor use
HANDMADE GLAZE FINISH: As a result of century’s old handmade craftsmanship, colors and textures may vary; each planter is unique with a vintage-like charm

Size: 5", 7"  |  Material: Ceramic  |  Weather Resistant  |  Plants Not Included

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